Tellico Lake Post 256

Minutes of Unit 256 – Monthly General Meeting

Tellico Lake American Legion Auxiliary Unit 256




COMPILED BY:      Sarah Ayers, Secretary                                                                                                                    DATE: February 1, 2024

APPROVED BY:      Executive Committee

ATTENDANCE:       Members:  12 Guests: 3

TIME:                        Convened 7:00 p.m.                                                                                                                      Adjourned:  8:00 p.m.


Opening:  President, Wendy Reichenbach opened the meeting with a call to order, followed by prayer led by Chaplain, Anita Schack.  Sergeant at Arms, Besty Buelow presented the POA/MIA Empty Chair and led us all in the Pledge of Allegiance followed by the Preamble to the Constitution recited by all members.    

Introduction of Visitors and Guests:  President, Wendy Reichenbach asked our three guests to introduce themselves.  Frank Pinto, Post 256 member and husband to ALA member, Camille Pinto, Mike Schack, Post 256 member and husband to ALA member and Chaplain, Anita Schack, and John Gamble, Vice-Commander Post 256 and husband to ALA member and Vice-President, Yvonne Gamble. 

Guest Speaker:  None.

Post Business:

1)         Officer Reports:

            Secretary – Sarah Ayers presented January Meeting Minutes.

            Treasurer – Linda West reported on the status of Unit funds. 

2)          Announcements:

President, Wendy Reichenbach thanked the Auxiliary members for electing her.  She introduced Anita Schack, who agreed to act as Chaplain for Unit 256, Betsy Buelow who agreed to act as Sergeant at Arms for Unit 256, and our Secretary, Sarah Ayers agreed to act as Historian.   

Members were notified that future meeting Agenda’s will be emailed in advance of the meeting and can be printed and brought to the meetings.  The Preamble will be provided by the Auxiliary at each meeting.

President, Wendy Reichenbach reviewed a few items of note as follows:

  • the criteria for membership into the Auxiliary and invited everyone to reach out and invite others who may be interested in joining; and
  • The formal name of the Unit is Tellico Lake ALA Unit 256.  Noting we are independent of Post 256, non-military, and nonpartisan.  Motto of Auxiliary ~ Service NOT Self.  Further, there a no attendance requirements and no participation requirements.  She emphasized that we are all here because we choose to do this, and we each have different talents to bring to the table and between us all we will get the job done. 

3)          New Business:

Sergeant at Arms – Betsy Buelow presented the Mid- Winter Conference Report attended by President, Wendy Reichenback and Sergeant at Arms, Betsy Buelow. 

               Highlights from the Mid-Winter Conference:

  • Betsy Buelow presented a piggy bank to the members which was given out at the Mid-Winder Conference.  Money collected by the members in the piggy bank will go toward the American Legion Auxiliary Child Welfare Foundation.  We will receive a ribbon for our flag if we send a check for $24 ($1/member) before May 31, 2024.  The money collected will go toward our $24 donation. 
  • “Together We Can” Unit member of the Year Award to be presented to someone who has provided excellent service to our Auxiliary, Unit and Community.
  • Poppy drive.  (Further details to follow below)
  • Girls State. (Further details to follow below)
  • Mandatory Fee Statements for the Unit – payment due by 5/1/24.
  • Membership growth.  Members who recruit a new member by 5/24/24 will receive a flag pin.  Unit must have representation at June convention to receive pin. 

Name tags, Shirts and Hats – President, Wendy Reichenbach advised that we have a name tag sign up and it will be available again at the next meeting.  Vice-President, Yvonne Gamble will coordinate ordering name tags after the March meeting for those who want them.  The cost is $11.00 cash or check payable to Yvonne Gamble.  The Executive Committee is working on shirts and hats to be ordered and will have more information on choices at the March meeting. 

Constitution and By-Laws – President, Wendy Reichenbach advised that the Executive Committee has started review of the sample provided by the ALA and they hope to get through them soon for review by the members. 

Web Page – President, Wendy Reichenbach advised that the Legion has given a section of their webpage for our announcements and information.  The Post’s Adjutant, Tony Adams and member, Oralee Adams' husband is our Webmaster.  You can view this at

Honor Air Knoxville – President, Wendy Reichenbach, discussed the important mission of Honor Air Knoxville which makes two flights per year.  One in April and one in October.  April is filled; however, she is getting more information on the October flight which this year will be filled with all female veterans.  You can apply to act as an escort for 3 to 4 vets for a fee of $500.00.  The veteran’s fees are 100% covered and each trip costs between $100,000 to $120,000. 

March Meeting – President, Wendy Reichenbach advised of a special guest for our March meeting ~ Colonel Paula Penson (cancer survivor who grew up in deep poverty and has become a rising star in the Air Force as a Colonel).   April speakers will be Commander, Steve Buelow and Vice-Commander, John Gamble to discuss joint projects and fundraisers. 

4)          Committees:

Reported on by President, Wendy Reichenbach.

  • Girls State:  Unit 256 schools are Sequoyah H.S. and Greenback H.S.  On February 15, 2024, letters were sent to the schools regarding applications.  Girls State will be held May 26-June 1 at Lipscomb University in Nashville.  Our Unit will be responsible for interviewing candidates.  Anyone interested should sign up.  The sign-up will be available at the next meeting or feel free to email Wendy directly. 
  • Poppies:  We are sharing in this fundraiser with Post 256 with a 50/50 split in donations less 10% which gets sent to the Department.  Vice-President, Yvonne Gamble agreed to head this Committee with two volunteers so far:  Camille Pinto and Terry Howard. The sign-up sheet will be available again at the next meeting or feel free to reach out directly to Yvonne if you have any questions or would like to sign up to help.   
  • Finance Committee:  This committee will assist the Treasurer, Linda West with oversight and auditing and other financial related matters.  There will be a sign-up at next week’s meeting for those interested in helping. 
  • Legion Support Fund Raising Spring Fling:  Vice Commander, John Gamble of Post 256, spoke briefly about the Spring Fling which Unit 256 has agreed to assist with by way of ticket sales, table décor and auction items.  The Spring Fling will be held on April 27, 2024, at the Yacht Club.  Tickets will be $50 which includes a dance performance, dancing, and a plated BBQ dinner.  More information on this will follow.  There will be a sign-up at the next meeting for those wishing to help. 
  • Scholarships:  President, Wendy Reichenbach spoke briefly about scholarships for next year.  Unfortunately, since we are newly formed, we missed this year’s deadline for students to apply by March 1, 2024.  This year’s essay contest is: “What freedom means to me.” 

5)          Open Discussion:

President, Wendy Reichenbach advised that the East TN Spring divisional meeting for Districts 1-3, is April 20, 2024, and hosted by Spring City Unit 203 (1 hour away).  This meeting is for those who wish to get to know more about the Auxiliary.  Wendy has another commitment for that date, but if other members wish to attend and carpool, it would be great to have some representation from our Unit. 

The Unit End of Year Report is due by May 1, 2024.  Our year runs July 1 to June 30.  Wendy will prepare the report for review by the Executive Committee before filing. 

The Department Convention is June 15-16, 2024, at the Embassy Suites in Murfreesboro, TN.  We get six votes for state officials.  Five of the email attachments in the Notice were from state candidate endorsements which will be discussed at future meetings. 

Flower Fund:  Chaplain, Anita Schack, who transferred from another Unit suggested starting a separate fund not to be co-mingled with the Unit’s funds for cards, flowers, stamps, etc. for those in need to send from the Unit.  She suggested a $1 per member donation during meetings.  Anita also directed our attention to the ALA website where free courses are offered to assist members with procedures for ALA programs.   

Closing:  With no further business to conclude, closing comments made by President, Wendy Reichenbach and the meeting was adjourned with prayer by Chaplain, Anita Schack, and proper ceremony (colors retired in place) at 8:00 p.m. 

SIGNED:           /s/

Sarah Ayers, Secretary

ALA Unit 256



 Tellico Lake American Legion Auxiliary Unit 256

DATE: January 4, 2024
VENUE: Rarity Bay Community Center

ATTENDENCE: President, nominee Wendy Reichenbach, Post 256 Commander, Steve Buelow, Post 256 Vice-Commander, John Gamble, Rebecca McLaughlin, 1st District President, ALA East TN, Sheila Lemons, 3rd District President, ALA Dept. of TN, Yvonne Gamble, Vice President nominee, Linda West, Treasurer nominee and Sarah Ayers, Secretary nominee. Also, in attendance 17 Charter Members of Auxiliary Unit 256 and their guests.

OPENING: The purpose of this evening’s meeting was the installation of Tellico Lake American Legion Auxiliary Unit 256. The ceremony proceeded as follows:

Presentation of Flag - Post 256 Color Guard
Invocation - Post 256 Chaplain Emeritus Robert Haldi
National Pledge
National Anthem – Dennis Queen, tenor
Preamble to the American Legion Auxiliary
Mission Statement of ALA – Yvonne Gamble, Vice President-elect Unit 256
Welcome – Wendy Reichenbach, President-elect Unit 256 Presentation of Unit 256 Charter by:
Sheila Lemons, Third District President, ALA Department of TN Rebecca McLaughlin, First District President, ALA Department of TN

Initiation of Charter Members:
Oralee Adams, Jenn Amundson, Sarah Ayers, Lori Blodgett, Betsy Buelow, Barbara Callan, Barb Comiso, Edith Cantrell, Maureen Corry, Mary Edmands, Teri Everett, Yvonne Gamble, Nancy Gross, Terry Howard, Renee Napier, Lisa Patterson, Camille Pinto, Wendy Reichenbach, Anita Schack, Kathleen Schaefer, Steven Schnoll, Rebecca Sneed, Linda West, Betty Wright

Slate of Officers Presented:
Wendy Reichenbach, President
Yvonne Gamble, Vice-President
Sarah Ayers, Secretary
Linda West, Treasurer

Installation of Officers
Remarks - Sheila Lemons
Announcements – Wendy Reichenbach
Closing Remarks - Commander Steve Buelow
God Bless America – Dennis Queen, tenor
The Colors Retired
Benediction - Chaplain Emeritus Robert Haldi
Adjournment – Wendy Reichenbach
Toast and Refreshments

Next meeting scheduled for Thursday, February 1, 2024 at 7:00 p.m.